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Founded by Shivani Mehta , SIA Dreams Pvt.Ltd was incepted in 2015 with an idea of finding right gift to sell on-board of a two  popular domestic airlines . The need to expand inspired SIA Dreams to extend the gifting solution to other famous brand in the country .n

As sending a special gift to celebrate a new cooperation, or release of a new product, to a business relation could be an excellent way to advertise your business. Corporate gift can also be used to reward one or multiple employees for a job well done, and create a more fun and relaxing working environment. At SIA Dreams , businesses can find numerous corporate gifts that could be used for this purpose, so if you want to do something different than normal marketing techniques and advertising campaigns, be sure to consider our corporate gifts and their unique benefits.

An elegant and impressive gift will go a long way in sealing a negotiation.  SIA Dreams has a huge selection of elegant and impressive corporate gifts that will keep your business booming and people in high spirits.

We have an extensive range of promotional products and corporate gifts which can be customised or branded to reflect your company’s image. Whether it be for a sales conference, product launch, marketing event, industry tradeshow or re-branding, we’ll endeavour to source the right promotional product for you.

Corporate presents are a staple in the development of great interpersonal business relationships. If you want to make more profit for your business, or to make your career boom, you always have to give quality corporate presents.  Similarly, giving corporate presents to your employees or co-workers can boost company morale. It solidifies friendships, and paves the way for smoother interactions in the future. When you give gifts after a hard business cycle, or even during the holidays, it builds relationships as well. It shows people how much you value them. And the right choice of corporate presents can also signify how well you know your co-workers, making them feel more understood and important.  Gifts show your appreciation and encouragement.


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We have large range of branded clothing including polo shirts, sportswear and work wear. Our T-shirts ( Dry-fit, Matte, Cotton Lycra, Cotton) can be tailor-made with your corporate logo and brand. As well as making excellent gifts, they are also a great way to encourage teamwork in the workplace. Give them to your staff to wear at events such as training days and exhibitions. You will ultimately gain a great deal of exposure by doing so. Promoting your business across the zones is thus very easy to do. Simply check out our wide range of luxury handbags custom-made stock and make an order today. Although we produce accurate visual representations of custom products for you to review before manufacturing begins, it can be difficult to imagine exactly how a new product will look and feel without holding it in your hand. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the items that they order from us, we are happy to manufacture one off samples of corporate gifts for wholesale business enquiries or individual company marketing campaigns. A small fee is charged for this service which is deducted from your total order cost when you proceed.

HIGH CONCEPT GIFT STORE Innovative selection and aesthetic array of gifts for all occasions To add special memories. Buy a gift for someone because you should. As its said , an unexpected gift is always an expression of true appreciation. Remind a loved one how important they are to you.A simple gift can be everlasting token of love. Be it a wedding in the family or an anniversary or a birthday or just to pamper yourself .A GIFT FOR ALL AGE GROUPS Dreams 1999 has fascinating collection of Gift items. Range begins from Rs. 99 to 1999/- for men, women &children . You might not leave without buying a memorabilia.


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